Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dave Clark Five--Bits and Pieces (1964)

     The Dave Clark Five was probably the most immediate beneficiary in the wake of the British Invasion after the Beatles. Clark, who was the drummer and had led bands since 1957, turned out to be a smart businessman and shrewd when it came to the direction of the group. They were the first British band to tour the US, they not only leaped at the chance to be on Ed Sullivan (the Beatles were first), but promoted a more wholesome image and found themselves on the show 18 times through the 1960's.
     The success of the band in the US lasted until psychedelic rock took hold in the late 60's. However, they did well in the UK until breaking up in late 1970. Interestingly enough, they did better in the UK in the latter part of the decade than they did during the US success. All told, the group racked up 8 top ten hits from 1964-1967 and 17 top 40's. 
     "Bits and Pieces" was written by Clark and lead singer Mike Smith. It was the second top 10 hit in the US reaching #4 in the spring of 1964.


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