Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terry Jacks: Season in the Sun (1974)

    Happy 67th birthday to Terry Jacks.....

    Terry Jacks and his wife Susan led "The Poppy Family" to some chart success  in their native Canada and in the US, mainly on the strength of their #2 hit, "Where You Going Billy?". By 1973 however, the marriage and the band had gone separate ways as both released solo albums in that year.
     "Seasons in the Sun" was an English adaptation of the song, "Le Moribond" by Belgian singer Jacques Brel with lyrics by singer/poet Rod McKuen. The Beach Boys had been scheduled to record the song, but when those plans fell through, Jacks chose to record it himself. It was his only release in the US that came anywhere close to a hit although he had continued success in Canada for a few years after.
      Jacks gradually left the music business and now spends most of his time working on environmental issues..


  1. First of all, thank you Omnibus for reminding me of this old tune. Secondly, why does Terry Jacks look constipated while he's singing? What's up with the huge "P's" and "O's" in the background? Forget the mushroom shaped fro and porkchop sides!! TOO FUNNY!!

    Keep up the good work Omnibus! I look forward to your blogs each day!

  2. Actually Diva, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe because it was so artsy that he had to seem serious about it....but he didn't look happy about doing the song.