Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dramatics--In The Rain (1972)

     Sometimes I'll post a blog because of specific reasons (i.e. death, retirement, new album, etc.), and today it's all about the rain. The Dramatics first big hit was 1971's, "Watcha See is Watcha Get". But today in Nashville is cloudy, wet, and cool. A perfect early fall day from my perspective, and my mind wandered to a song that to me is a lost classic. "In the Rain" hit the charts in February of 1972 and rose to number 5 on the charts, which made it the biggest hit for the group on the Hot 100 and their only number 1 on the R&B list. 
     The Dramatics formed in 1962 out of Detroit and began recording in 1965 on the small Wingate label. Motown absorbed the label in 1967 and it was with them that the group had a local hit with, "All Because of You" which reached #43 on the R&B charts. The next year they signed with Stax/Volt and continued to hone their skills breaking through with "Watcha See.." three years later.
     The group continued to record hits throughout the decade of the 70's, finally breaking up in 1982. A reunion in 1985, and the reception from their fans convinced them to reform Part of that group remains today as they continue to tour. Their last studio album, "If You Come Back To Me" was released in 1999 although they have a live set that came out in 2002.


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