Saturday, March 30, 2013

Foghat--Slow Ride (1975)

     From the dawn of Rock and Roll, from first base to home, sex has been a lyrical topic. In it's infancy, artists had to shroud the intent from the prying ears of the government (via the FCC) and parents. As the music became more daring in the late 60's the envelope was pushed as lyrics played more explicitly with double entendres. In the song "Slow Ride" we have not only lyrical examples of this, but musical ones as well.
    The group Foghat was formed from three members of Savoy Brown who broke away to form their own band in 1970. "Lonesome" Dave Peverett (vocals & guitar), Tony Stevens (bass), and Roger Earl (drums) were joined by Rod Price (guitar/slide guitar) late that year and the foursome began to tour and work on their first album. Their first album, "Foghat", released in 1972 failed to chart in the states, but it's follow-up, "Rock and Roll" (1973) reached the top 100 and 74's "Engergized" began a streak of seven albums in the top 40
     The blues-based band was a staple of FM-radio throughout the 70's, but "Slow Ride" was the only song to reach the top 20 on the singles charts as well. The album version clocks in at over 8 minutes, but the was shortened to just under four for AM-radio consumption.
     They fell off the chart radar quickly into the 80's, but never stopped touring or releasing albums, Roger Earl is the only one of the original band left. Their latest album, "Last Train Home" was released in 2010 and it's website can be found here:


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