Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Short Note About Don Kirshner with clip from Rock Concert (1974)

There were many names that were of importance in the history of rock and pop that had nothing to do with musicianship, but of the business side of things. Don Kirshner was one of those. He became known first as co-owner of Aldon Music, who had under contract at various times, Carole King, Jerry Goffin, Neil Sedaka, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil. He also helped launch the careers of Neil Diamond and Bobby Darin.

He also was the mastermind behind The Monkees and The Archies. This gave him a bit of a bad rep especially with the burgeoning rock crowd, due to the "fakeness" of the groups. (I would like to add here that Michael Nesmith has had quite a solid career, although he was not hired for his ability musically). Time has shown that although the groups were manufactured, Kirshner's ear for what sounded good and what would see was unerring.

For me (and perhaps many of you), he was best known for "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert". The 70's brought three solid rock and/or pop shows to the airwaves. ABC's "In Concert", NBC's "Midnight Special" and "Rock Concert". All three brought different things to the table. For my taste, I preferred Kirshner's show because they would book acts that were usually not on the others.

After it's folding up in 1982, he spent his last years doing consulting work and the like. What we'll finish with
a clip from "Rock Concert" in 1974.


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