Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 64th Birthday to Sir Elton!

This morning was a tough is Elton John's birthday, but it is also Aretha Franklin's. I respect the Queen of Soul, but anyone who knows me would figure Elton would go first (he IS the real Queen of England ya know....). Elton John is not only the artist that got me head over heels into the love of music, but into the love of the craft of making music.There isn't a lot to be said about him that already been talked am going to allow the music to do the talking. Since the release of "Songs From the West Coast", EJ has had a bit of a renaissance. His singles do not make the charts much anymore, and the albums don't sell like they used too, but John/Taupin have written a quartet of albums that, for consistency, rivals anything they have done since are some videos from Elton over the years.... 


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