Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgotten R&B Artist: Calvin Arnold

Calvin Arnold was one of the many artists who were popular within a certain region (this time in Georgia), but other than a song or two, never made it nation wide. He started out with The Gardenias in the early 60's then out on his own. He recorded one great song after another for almost a 10 year period. To my knowledge he is still alive in Georgia, but is out of the music biz. His appearance on the pop charts was relegated to "Funky Way" in 1968, but as you will hear, I think he had several songs that were much better that never saw the light of day. Hopefully, this will encourage you to seek out the sounds of this underrated singer....

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  1. Calvin is alive and well living in Atlanta.I found a copy of his Venture Records promo picture and gave it to him this weekend.He told that once that before they both had record deals he and Jimi Hendrix were briefly roomates in Atlanta.The man is a treasure trove of great war stories.James(