Friday, April 29, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd--Sweet Home Alabama (1974)

    One of my several hobbies include amateur meteorology. In fact, spent a stint as a storm spotter when living in Missouri. Those of us who study weather and it's impact w ere in the same turn awe struck and sickened by the events Wednesday. At this writing there were over 300 deaths, and possibility injuries over 1,000. The truly frightening thing is that watching the storms bulldoze its way through the south, it was apparent that for some, there was no "safe place" to go . And the destruction cut from Arkansas right up the southland. If you have not thought about it, please consider a contribution to the Red Cross by going to, 
     We'll get back to normal stuff tomorrow, but for at least today, may our minds continue to be on our brothers and sisters here in the south who are hurting....


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