Monday, January 2, 2012

Daniel Boone--Beautiful Sunday (1972)

     Since the dawn of the modern pop/rock era, there have been many "one hit wonders". I suppose since the years that molded my musical tastes were in the early 70's, several of the "OHW's" have found a soft place in my heart, no matter if I really liked the song or not. "Beautiful Sunday" is one that has always put a smile on my face. One reason perhaps is that it brings certain memories of my Jr. High years back to life, the other is that it is just a sunny, optimistic song. 
     It's singer, born Peter Green, then taking the stage name of Peter Lee Stirling had been around since the late 50's with The Bruisers, then as a solo artist. His first UK hit under his own name was, "Daddy, Don't You Walk so Fast" which later became a hit here in the states by Wayne Newton. The next year, Beautiful Sunday" was released and did well at home, but did even better on the US charts, reaching #15.
     The song took a life of it's own all over the world, and still remains the highest selling single by an international artist in Japan. The last time it was seen on the charts was in Russia in 1996 as it was covered by  Чиж и Ко.

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