Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harold Faltermeyer--Axel F (1985)

     Harold was born in Munich, Germany and from an early age showed talent at the piano, which eventually earned him a spot at the Munich Music Academy. He began with classical, but took a liking to rock as well playing the organ in his teen years with a combo. His talent caught the eyes and ears of Giorgio Moroder in 1978, who invited the young musician to Los Angeles to play the keys and help arrange the music to the "Midnight Express" soundtrack.
     This began a fruitful partnership where he assisted Moroder in producing music for Donna Summer and others. More importantly he found himself working more soundtracks such as, "American Gigolo" and "Foxes". He got is big break on his own in 1984, creating the music for the movie, "Beverly Hills Cop" in which the single, "Axel F" was taken. The song not only reached #3 on the pop charts here in America, but became a worldwide hit on the pop and dance charts.
     He followed this up by composing the music to the Chevy Chase film, "Fletch" in 1985 and teaming again with Moroder on the soundtrack to "Top Gun" in 1986.
     Faltermeyer continued to work scoring soundtracks for movies and computer games.



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