Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Falcons--You're So Fine (1959)

    The Falcons hold a place in the history of r&b not only with their big hit, "You're So Fine" in 1959, but also for it's members who went on to further the history of 60's soul.
    The group began in the mid-50's out of Detroit, and in 1957 made the changes that would set up their first major success. First, Joe Stubbs, brother of Levi who would make his own mark with The Four Tops joined the group, then later Mack Rice came along. Mack would later come to fame as the man who wrote and was the first to record, "Mustang Sally" in 1965.
    It was these two men who along with Eddie Floyd, Lance Finne, Robert Ward and Willie Schofield who comprised the line up that broke on the charts in 59. A year after this song, Stubbs left and was replaced by Wilson Pickett who stayed until leaving in 1963 for a very successful solo career.
    Another interesting side note about the group. When Pickett left the group, the rest of the band decided it was time for all to go and the group disbanded. However another Detroit group, The Fabulous Playboys, took the name, "The Falcons" and had a hit of their own in 1966 ("Standing On Guard").
    One more thing...the musical group who backed the vocalists during the Wilson Pickett years were known as "The Ohio Untouchables" who in the late 60's changed their name and began a switch over in sound to a harder funk sound. "The Ohio Players" because one of the top funk/r&b groups of the 1970's.


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