Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free--All Right Now (1970)

     The group Free came together in April of 1968, with all four band members being under the age of 20. Bass player Andy Frasier was only 15, guitarist Paul Kossoff 17, and lead singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke coming in at 18. Despite this, all four members had experience in other bands. After six months, the group produced it's first album, "Tons of Sobs" which actually saw some action in the US charts, but none in the UK.
     Their third release however, "Fire and Water" was an excellent album, containing, "All Right Now", but a solid recording besides. It looked as though the band was primed for word wide success. It was not to be however as the group broke up in 1971 after a a follow up album that wasn't nearly as good, and a grueling tour. There was a period of time after following other projects, the original group again reformed and recorded another album, but Frasier left the band for good, and Kossoff was very inconsistent because of his ongoing struggle with heroin addiction.
     Kossoff would later form the group "Back Street Crawler" until his death from a drug induced heart attack. Frasier would be in several bands with limited success. Rodgers and Kirke would later form Bad Company who would dominate US radio in the late 70s.



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