Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gallery--Nice To Be With You (1972)

     There used to be a major divide in the early 70's between those who listened to "FM" or album rock, and "AM" top 40 . It seems silly in a way, but there has always been divisions in musical taste like this. For many music fans (and unfortunately those who write about music as well), there is a territorial view of their genre, no matter what it is. Because of all of the different types of music I was exposed to as a child, there has always been a wide range of taste. To me, if it sounds good, I don't care who made it. This did mean however that most of my family didn't know that I have always had a love affair with hard rock music since about the age of 11. On the other hand, most of my peers would not be aware of my favoritism towards John Denver and Barry Manilow.
     Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, the early 70's had a load of groups that would have a very tuneful hit which would come and then go. The Detroit based group, Gallery, not only had one, but had three top 40 hits in 1972 and 73. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Jim Gold, was the man behind the group and the song "Nice to Be With You. It has become a staple of oldies radio, not only because it's tuneful, but it's simple, pleasant sentiment crosses over generations. It's follow up, "I Believe in Music" was another hit written by Mac Davis, who, at the time was still one of the hottest songwriters of the day.
     By 1976, the touring group known as Gallery had folded, but Gold released a couple of solo albums in 76 and 78. He continues to write music today. 



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