Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grand Funk Railroad--Bad Time (1975)

     Music criticism in the early 70's was beginning to come into it's own. Thanks to magazines like Rolling Stone, modern rock music was not only coming of age, but those who felt the need to become the gatekeepers of "good" rock were feeling their oats as well.There wasn't a rock group as savaged in the press during this time as Grand Funk Railroad.
     Named after the Grand Trunk Railroad, a rail line in the Detroit area, Mark Farner (vocals, guitar), and Don Brewer (drums, vocals) came from Terry Knight and the Pack with Mel Schacher (bass) coming from the group, ? and the Mysterians ("96 Tears). After hearing them in 1968, Knight agreed to become their manager and with a successful gig at the Atlanta Pop Festival in 69', were signed to Capitol Records.
     They became over the next seven years, one of the most popular bands in the US to the chagrin of the print media. Am not quite sure why they were hated, but fans across the country loved the mix of garage band sensibilities with a knack for good melodies. There were more than a few classics over the years. "I'm Your Captain", We're An American Band", and of course, "The Loco-Motion". For whatever reason though, this was my favorite. It was their last top ten hit from the album, "All the Girls in the World Beware!".


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