Sunday, July 7, 2013

GQ--Disco Nights (1979)

    The story of the group GQ was not unlike others caught up in the disco craze. They had been working musicians since the late 60's playing rhythm and blues, and funk as Sabu & the Survivors, then The Rhythm Makers. After the release of an album in 1976, their manager suggested not only a move toward the new disco craze, but a name change to GQ, which stood for "good quality". Their first album under the new name produced, "Disco Nights" which became a number one hit on the R&B charts. Their background in other types of dance music, along with not being typecast as other artists were, allowed them some success on the charts several years after disco went back underground, with their last top 40 hit coming in 1982. The group continued touring and recording throughout the 80's and 90s.


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