Monday, July 4, 2011

Bill Withers--Lean On Me (1972)

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     Today is Bill's 73rd Birthday....

      Bill Withers took a winding path to success in music. On turning 18, he went into the military for nine years. During that period, he became interested in creating music as a songwriter, and upon his release in 1967 he moved to LA.  He worked during the day and played clubs at night to hone his craft and to get enough money to make demos. Withers made an immediate splash with top 5 hit and Grammy winner, "Ain't No Sunshine".

     'Lean On Me' was written with his hometown in mind. Bill found himself one day missing his home town of Slab Fork, West Virginia...not of his impoverished background, but how the community would tend to it's own. Of his 4 top five was his only No. 1.

     July 4th is the day Americans celebrate independence. This song reminds me that not only Americans, but citizens of the world, are better people when we are givers instead of takers. May it always be so....


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