Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: The Applejacks--Baby Jane & You're The One (1964)

      With the tidal wave of British music that reached our shores in 1964, it's easy to assume that all it took was an accent and a record contract to make it to the US charts. However, there were more than a few UK bands who seemingly had the goods, but couldn't make the connection with record buyers. The Applejacks were made up of Al Jackson on lead vocals, Martin Baggott on lead guitar, Don Gould on organ, Phil Cash on rhythm guitar, Gerry Freeman on drums, and Megan Davies on bass (quite unusual for that day with a woman in the group). They had a very solid sound, very much like The Beatles of the same vintage. In fact, one of their singles, "Like Dreamers Do" was a Lennon/McCartney composition. They had a couple of top 30 hits in the UK and no real action in the states and after a couple of years of issuing singles that went nowhere, they got a gig on a cruise ship for the rest of the decade before Davies left the band and went into nursing.


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