Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frank Sinatra--Strangers in the Night (1966)

     "Strangers in the Night" is proof that an artist isn't always the best judge of their work......

       The song was written by Bert Kampfert with English lyrics by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder for the 1966 movie, "A Man Could Get Killed" starring James Garner.

      To my knowledge, the movie didn't do much at the box office, although Kampfert won a Golden Globe award for "Best Original Song in a Motion Picture" in 1967.

      Sinatra recorded this song as the title track for his album released in 1966, and marked a bit of a musical comeback for him. It also was the last album he did with long time conductor Nelson Riddle. He received two Grammy's for the song, and it went to No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary charts AND the top 100. All of this despite the fact that he despised the song. Am not sure if he thought it would be a hit anyway...but just goes to show you that an artist doesn't always have to like the song....

     By the way...this album has one of my favorite Sinatra songs, "Summer Wind"....if you've never heard's worth the listen. 


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