Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Climax Blues Band--Couldn't Get it Right (1977)

     Have you ever heard a song on the radio and said, "I remember that song", but could never think of the band's name? Of course, most of us have. Sometimes it's because our memories are fading, but other times, it's just the group never stood out enough to be remembered. You would think this would happen to one hit wonders, and it does many times. For me however, the fact that they only hit the charts once makes it easier to remember....since the name is so identified with the song.
     The Climax Blues Band had two major hits in the US. This song, which was released in 1977 and went all the way to #3, with it's catchy,  loping groove. The next top 20 was four years later and a sticky sweet ballad called, "I Love You". I thought at the time it was a great song (maybe being in love with wife #1 had something to do with it).
     Part of the problem in my mind was that the group had no real identity. many of you can name the lead singer of the group? It was Colin Cooper. Yes...I had to look it up, and no, I didn't even remember the name at the time. Another problem was it's name. For some reason as a kid, I kept confusing it with the Kosmic Blues Band, which was another band that was essentially faceless...except for the engulfing personality that was Janis Joplin. Part of this was totally my fault...but sometimes we just link two things together for no good reason. (have YOU ever seen Gary Busey and Nick Nolte in a room together?? I rest my case)
     The band that is on the road now has none of it's original member with death of Cooper in 2008.



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