Friday, April 13, 2012

Phil Collins--In The Air Tonight (1981)

     By the time Phil Collins began releasing solo projects, he already had a varied and full career. He was a child actor who had his first major role as The Artful Dodger in the London production of Oliver! He was an extra in The Beatles first film, "A Hard Day's Night" (he's in the film, during a scene with an audience....but you have to look close...a blink and he's gone).
     He answered an ad in Melody Maker for a drummer, and found himself in the group "Genesis", which for a period was Britian's predominant progressive rock band. When frontman Peter Gabriel left in 1975, Collins filled in surprisingly well (his voice in those early days had an eerie similarity to Gabriel's). Guitarist Steve Hackett's departure after the release of "Wind and Wuthering" left them as a trio, and the music took a slow turn away from prog and into a more pop sound. With that came success on the US pop charts.
     His first solo album was brought about by the break up of his first marriage more than anything (as did the Genesis album, "Duke" which had been released the year before). The album, "Face Value" contained his first solo single, "I Missed Again", then "In The Air Tonight". This was one of Collins' best singles as he combined the pain in his lyrics, with the atmospheric production which was a direct result of his days as a progressive rock drummer. By the way, according to Collins, many of the lyrics were developed on the spot as he was fooling around with the drum machine....still my favorite Phil Collins single....



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