Friday, April 27, 2012

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose--Too Late To Turn Back Now (1972)

     A family group that doesn't receive it's just due are the Cornelius family. Brothers Carter and Eddie, sister Rose formed the original group which was signed to United Artists in 1970. As opposed to the gritty, down-home  sound of Southeast soul (they were from Florida), they had a smooth, orchestrated sound.
     This sound paid off quickly as the song, "Treat Her Like a Lady" shot up to number 3 in the spring of 1971. That song and it's follow up, "Too Late To Turn Back Now" were written by Eddie, and on the latter song, the family was joined by new member Billie Joe. "Too Late" did even better, reaching the number 2 slot in 1971.
     This success however was short lived, as after another top 30 offering, ("Don't Ever Be Lonely") and within a year they fell off the charts for the last time. The group broke up in 1976 when Carter joined a religious sect, and spent the rest of his life writing and recording music to further that cause. Eddie became a minister and preaches along with writing and singing gospel. Rose lives in Florida and continues to sing in various groups.



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