Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dickie Goodman--Mr. Jaws (1975)

     The novelty record is all but gone from today's landscape. In fact, except for the work of "Weird" Al Yankovic it has all but faded from view. Back in the 50's especially there was no end to songs that could be put into this category. One particular type became known as the "cut in" record. This was the kind of disc where an "interview" would take place and the questions asked would be "answered" by snippets of popular records of the day. The first one was done in 1956 by Dickie Goodman and his partner, Bill Buchanan  called "The Flying Saucer" (Pt. 1). It was a hit, but also caused a great deal of consternation with publishing houses, ASCAP and BMI. The story about how all of that went down in the courts is recalled in a great internet article found here: 
     The two men broke up within a few years, and Goodman eventually found himself as president of  20 Century Fox's record division. But from that first disc, Goodman never stopped recording "cut in" records. His biggest hit, (and one of the last to make the charts) was a parody of the Jaws movie which had come out earlier that year.


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