Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Eagles--In The City (1979)

     Every so often a song is played so much on the radio that you THINK it was a single, when actually it wasn't. Of course, the greatest example of that is Led Zeppelin's, "Stairway to Heaven", but in the late 60's and especially in the 70's, this would occur.

      The song, "In The City" recorded by the Eagles and written by Joe Walsh and Barry DeVorzon was like that. It was years after that before I realized the song had never actually been released as a single. Written for the movie, "The Warriors", it was so well received by the other Eagles (who were having a devil of a time writing material for another album) that Walsh was asked to add it to what eventually became, "The Long Run"

      Joe Walsh has always been a bit of a favorite, and the Eagles are a much better band for his being there He brought a harder edge to their music, and also something that at the time was desperately needed, a sense of humor.. The song became a favorite in concert and still can be heard when the Eagles tour.


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