Monday, September 12, 2011

Redbone--Come and Get Your Love (1974)

     The group Redbone was led by two brothers, Patrick and Lolly Vasquez (their stage name was Vegas). They're known as being one of the first (if only) groups to hit the charts who had all Native American members. This is true, although the brothers were actually of mixed heritage (which was the reason for the name change), it was also the basis of the name "Redbone", which is a Cajun term for someone of mixed race. The group is also seen as a one hit wonder (thanks oldies radio), but they actually had another top 40 hit in 1972 with, "The Witch Queen of New Orleans".

     As opposed to many groups who have one great song in them, Redbone developed an intriguing blend of  tribal, Cajun, R&B, Latin, and rock which although not quite as commercial, was an interesting sound that influenced many bands in LA at the time, and certainly makes their albums worth seeking out. There is no doubt however, the themes of a lot of the music, not to mention their onstage look was deeply influenced by their Native American heritage. Lolly Vasquez was also an innovator himself on the guitar as he was the first to play his instrument through a Leslie cabinet (usually meant for an organ), and produced a unique sound....


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