Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chris DeBurgh--The Lady In Red (1987)

     Chris DeBurgh had four charting singles during the 1980's on the US charts, but only one, "The Lady In Red" cracked the top 20. As opposed to many artists who might have success in the UK and not the US or vice versa, DeBurgh never had prolonged staying power in either, instead doing very well in the rest of Europe and South America.
      DeBurgh was born Chris Davison in Argentina to British father and Irish mother. Due to his dad's job as a British diplomat, he traveled the world until settling in a 12th century Irish castle bought by his grandfather and transformed into a hotel. It's here that Chris began entertaining family and guests with his singing, and also how he adopted his mom's family name of DeBurgh.
     His music career began after being signed to a record contract in 1974 and opened for Supertramp. He began to build his fan base due to these gigs. His recordings during the 70's did well in South America, and somewhat in Europe, but didn't break through in the UK or US in any substantial way until the 80's.
     "The Lady in Red" was written for DeBergh's wife Diane, and was his only massive hit reaching number 1 in the UK and number 3 on the US charts. He never had another charting song in the US, but continues to have success around the world with his brand of soft pop.


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