Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Delfonics--La-La Means I Love You (1968)

     When hearing this song for the first time, I was convinced that it was from the early 70's. Much to my surprise it was a #4 hit in 1968. It's smooth "Philly Soul" sound was on of the first of it's kind and would soon open the way for a host of artists to record in that same style.
      The Delfonics had been singing in the Philadelphia area since the early 60's and had released a single or two that had went nowhere. They were paired with producer Thom Bell and together recorded a series of lush, smooth sound to their songs. Instead of making pop songs, like what was happening at Motown, he would take the soul of Stax, and smooth the rough edges off. It was still soul, but without the grit and harshness.
      Bell worked with The Delfonics until 1971, when he left to start working with The Spinners and helped revitalized their career. By that time not only was Bell producing in this style, but Gamble and Huff had done so as well. These three men would change the face of soul music in the 70's. The Delfonics had a series of hits form 1968 to about 1973. They continue to tour in various forms today.



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