Friday, June 8, 2012

Dazz Band--Let It Whip (1982)

     The Dazz Band began it's life in Cleveland in the mid 70's as a jazz fusion band. They were first signed to 20th Century Records in 1978 as the band, Kinsman Dazz and it's first album by the same name was produced by Philip Bailey, who also co-produced their second disc, "Dazz" in 1980.
     By this time they had several songs on the R&B charts, and by 1980 had officially changed their name to "Dazz Band". This also came with a switch of labels as 20th century closed up shop, and the band was signed to Motown.Their first two albums with their new label produced three singles that reached the R&B charts, but it wasn't until 1982, and "Let It Whip" that the band reached it's peak on the R&B and pop charts (reaching #1 and #5, respectably).
     They continued to have success throughout the 80's, but outside of a couple of singles that reached the lower rungs of the hot 100, "Let It Whip" was about all of their influence on the pop charts.


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