Monday, June 25, 2012

Teri DeSario--Yes, I'm Ready (1979)

     Of all of the artists I've blogged about over the last 18 months, Teri DeSario has to be one of the most interesting artist from a creative standpoint.
     Upon graduation from high school in Miami, she played recorder and harp for a medieval/renaissance group called, the "Early Music Consort", from 1970 to 1977. She wanted to expand into other music, so along with husband Bill Purse, they formed "Abacus" which explored folk and jazz. It was during this time she was approached by Barry Gibb who had heard some of her music was knocked out by her voice. He had written a song for her, "Ain't nothing Gonna Keep Me From You".
     The song made it to the charts, and it was during this time that she bumped into an old high school mate, Harry Wayne Casey from KC and the Sunshine Band. They decided to record together and the result was a #2 hit for them in late 79/early 80. "Yes, I'm Ready", was originally recorded by Barbara Mason in 1965.
     They went on to record another duet, "Dancin' In the Streets" in the summer of 1980, she went into Contemporary Christian Music for a number of years before leaving that as well.


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