Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bobby Goldsboro--Honey (1968)

     There is nothing personal against Bobby Goldsboro. I've always kinda liked, "Watching Scotty Grow", and "Summer (The First Time") was downright provocative to a 12 year old boys ears. He could also make a cool cricket sound (am not kidding...every time I saw him on TV the host would beg he do it), but his only number 1 was, "Honey" which is a calling card is another kind entirely.
     The best way to describe this is an aural version of a Lifetime Network movie, complete with angelic chorus in the last verse. I realize it was 1968, but the view of his "Honey" lyrically was right out of the 1950's. It was a huge hit for the singer who had a top ten single in 1964 ("See The Funny Little Clown"), but had been languishing in the mid to low rungs of the top 100 with singles since then.
     The song was written by Bobby Russell, who wrote other lite rock hits such as, "Little Green Apples" and "The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia" for his then wife, Vicki Lawrence. Over the last few years it has found itself on several "worst songs" list. Am not sure about that, but when you are embarrassed to play the song in front of your wife while reviewing the song, that has to say something.


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