Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nick Gilder--Hot Child in the City (1978)

     Nick Gilder was born in London, but raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. His professional career began as the lead singer in the 70's Canadian glam band Sweeney Todd. They had quite a bit of success in the mid 70's and won a Juno award (the Canadian version of the Grammy) in 1977. By that time, Gilder had chose to attempt a solo career and focus his attentions on America.
     He was signed by Chrysails Records and his first album, "You Know Who You Are" went nowhere. But his follow-up, "City Nights" did much better on the strength of the single, "Hot Child in the City" went all the way to number one in the summer of 1978. Although it looked like a promising career on the charts was in the offing, the next two singles struggled just outside the top 40 and never came close to another hit.
     Gilder continues to record and tour with a reformed Sweeney Todd  as he moved back to British Columbia in the 1990's. He also became an accomplished songwriter, most notably for Scandal with Patty Smyth and their top 10 hit, "The Warrior", Pat Benatar, and Joe Cocker.


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