Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ian Gomm--Hold On (1979)

     Ian Gomm had only one hit in the US, but left a lasting mark in the UK throughout the 70s. He had started in pop bands as early as 1962, and even spent some time living in Australia honing his craft. In 1971, he was brought in as rhythm guitarist of the pup rock band, Brinsley Schwartz just as they were recording their third album, "Silver Pistol". Up until their break up in 1975, they were supported by the critics, but never could break through to a wide audience in the UK or here in the states.
     After the demise of the band, Nick Lowe, and Ian Gomm both sought solo careers. In fact, Gomm co-wrote Lowe's biggest hit in the states, "Cruel to be Kind". The rhythm guitarist moved to Wales at first and built a studio where he not only produced his own album, but recorded several others including Alexis Korner and The Stranglers.
     Gomm's first album, released in 1978 was called "Summer Holiday". Stiff Records signed him and released the album as, "Gomm With The Wind". The single, "Hold On" reached number 18 on the US charts. He has spent much of the rest of his career writing and producing.


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