Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Da Doo Ron Ron --The Crystals (1963)

     The interesting thing about this song is that the Crystals didn't actually sing it. He recruited Darlene Love and the backup group "The Blossoms" (which included a VERY young Cher) to record the song.  Supposedly because  of a contract dispute, Love's lead vocals were stripped off of the record and replaced with Crystal's lead Delores Brooks.The entire story of The Crystals is a fascinating one which we'll delve into at a later time.

      This song along with others has had a productive life having spanned several generations. Shawn Cassidy's version was a #1 hit in 1977, then The Donnas recorded it as a single in 1998. Both are great to check out, but for me at least, you can't be the original...



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