Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earth, Wind & Fire--September (1978)

     Every so often (a lot less than you would believe) I get stumped for a blog subject. Usually it will be something that I've been reading about, or came across in my research for the radio station or the Omnibus Live! program. This morning however, nothing came up of note, so my plan B is to just go to a quiet place and listen to the music that comes up in my head.....and we have our subject for this morning!

     Earth, Wind, and Fire were already very well established as one of the best bands of the 70's. However the peak period for the group chartwise was between July of 1978 to July of 79. They produced four top 10 hits: Got To Get You Into My Life, Boogie Wonderland, After the Love Has Gone, and September. The great thing about EWF was the creativeness of the work. It was a welcome sound because in an era where disco was everywhere, they were favorites on the dance floor, but the sound was always intelligent and creative at the same time. Even now, September just comes at you with a beat that insists that you move....hope this livens your day up....Happy Tuesday everyone!


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