Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tommy Roe--Dizzy (1969)

     Tommy Roe was a singer/songwriter who had a very successful run of hits from 1962-1973. Oldies radio chooses only to play a few of them, although he had 11 of them reach the top 40 during this time. He will always be known as a "bubblegum" singer, but the style was anything but that early in his career (check out his first #1, "Shelia" in 1962). As you will here me opine many times in this blog, bubblegum is not a disparaging term, nor is it synonymous with poor quality. In fact, "Dizzy" has an extremely catchy tune with 11 (yep...11!) key changes distributed among four keys. Hope you like it...hope you have a great Saturday....and check in with us tomorrow for the Sunday Morning Vault!!


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