Monday, June 27, 2011

O.C. Smith--Little Green Apples (1968)

     O.C. Smith had bounced around in jazz and pop circles for over 13 years when he had his only hit with the Bobby Russell song, "Little Green Apples".

     He was born in Louisiana in 1932, but due to his parents divorce spent much of his time in California. After earning a degree in Physiology, he entered the Air Force, where he began to show off his talent by entering talent contests. On his discharge from the military in 1955 O.C. started singing jazz to help pay the bills. This led eventually to a gig as lead vocalist with the Count Basie band from 1961-1965.

      During all of this time he recorded songs that really went nowhere until 1968 when "The Song of Hickory Hollow's Tramp" made the top 40 in the states and reached number 2 in the UK. This set things up for "Little Green Apples" which shot up to the second spot on the top 100. He was on the pop charts regularly until 1974 and on the R&B charts well into the 80's. O.C. passed away in November of 2001....

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