Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kansas--Dust in the Wind (1978)

      Steve Walsh, lead singer/keyboardist for rock group Kansas turns 60 today.....

      Growing up playing the organ (and later piano), looking for the same in my rock heroes was paramount. Except for Billy Joel and Elton, this is probably why I gravitated towards progressive rock. Kansas was a favorite because of Steve Walsh's great keyboard, but also Robby Steinhardt's violin and Kerry Livgren's lyrical abilities. "Dust in the Wind" was their biggest seller, and only top 10 in the winter of 1978.

       The song is actually quite depressing, but very thought provoking, and it wasn't a surprise to me at all when Kerry Livgren announced his conversion to Christianity a year or two later.  In fact in several interviews over the years he points back to songs like "Dust in the Wind" questioning life and fame. Walsh continues to tour with Kansas, Livgren still writes for the group and does a lot of session work with different projects, but doesn't tour any longer......


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