Friday, October 7, 2011

10cc--I'm Not In Love (1975)

    The group 10cc was an interesting lot. Two of them, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart were more of a poppy songwriting team, while Lol Creme and Kevin Godley were more "artsy" in style, with more cinematic type writing and unusual direction. The four of them had good, if spotty success in the UK since the early 70's,.

     Stewart came up with the initial idea, but in a much different form. Creme and Godley suggested to slow it down to instead of instruments to use a wall of voices. The idea was to take their 4 voices and sing a single note in unison. Then to dub it down on a 16 track tape. That was repeated across all 16 tracks to make this lush orchestra of voices. Some of them were made into endless loops where the pitch could be changed at the mixing board to make chords.The only other instruments was a guitar which was equipped with a device that Creme and Godley had invented called the "Gizmotron" which gave it a cello-type sound.

     The woman's voice you here in the song belonged to Kathy Warren, who was the receptionist at the Strawberry Studios where the album was cut. By the way, the whispered lyric was, " Be Quiet, Big Boys Don't Cry"....


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