Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paul Simon--Mother and Child Reunion (1972)

    All of these years later, we forget that when Simon and Garfunkel broke up, it was not clear what would happen with Simon. He was the major songwriter of the two, but Art Garfunkel's beautifully clear tenor was the duo's calling card. There had been a two year gap since the album, "Bridge Over Troubled Water", and with Art dabbling in acting, and Paul doing some teaching, no one seemed interested in another recording. With the release of, "Paul Simon", it was official. 

     The release itself was an extension of the "Waters" album, but was showing Simon attempting to stretch out musically. Elements of jazz, blues, Latin, and in the case of our feature song, reggae, could be heard in the grooves. It was a hit, reaching #4 in late winter/early spring of 1972. It was the beginning of a successful career where Simon has never stopped experimenting. 


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