Monday, October 3, 2011

Eddie Cochran--Summertime Blues (1958)

    No one disputes the fact that Elvis blew open the doors for all "Rock and Roll" artists in the mid-50's. However, I believe that Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran, had a much deeper influence on the post-Beatle era of musician. Their guitar playing and experimental work in the studio opened the door to many a young guitarist (especially in England). Holly and Cochran were close friends, both enjoyed working in the studio rather than touring. Eddie was badly shaken when his friend died in a plane crash in 1959, and was determined to dial down his having to travel so much so he could just work on making music. However, the times demanded that he be on the road to make enough money to continue, which led him to make a tour to Great Britain where he died in an auto accident  in April of 1960.
     His best known work is, "Summertime Blues" which came out in July of 1958 and was written by Cochran and his manager Jerry Capehart. It has been covered many times, most notably by The Who in 1970, and Alan Jackson in 1994.


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