Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stevie Wonder---I Wish (1976)

      By 1976, Stevie Wonder was on top of the pop and r&b world. The transformation that began in 1971 with the, "Where I'm Coming From" album saw him move as a teen from love song singles to a serious, socially conscious adult who could mine a serious groove. His albums from 1971-1976 are classics of the pop/rock era 

     "Songs in the Key of Life" was his reflections on his short but busy life (he was on 26 at the time of it's release), and his dissatisfaction with the US government and it's policies. Not only did it produce great singles, but the album itself have great cohesion and is one of (if not THE ) best double albums ever. There were so many songs to choose, but this one where he sings about his childhood is my favorite. Happy Sunday all.....


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