Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Beatles--Helter Skelter (1968)

     It's difficult to separate this song from it's link to Charles Manson and his brutal madness, but just a couple of years before it was Paul McCartney's response to an article he had read....

      An 1967 article in Guitar Player, had Pete Townshend describing The Who's, "I Can See For Miles" as the loudest, dirtiest, rawest song the group had done to date. Paul began to think about a song that would have that feel as well. One also wonders if the criticisms about him being the "ballad" writer was stinging a bit as well. 

      Helter Skelter is a nonsense song that is raw, brutal and does exactly what Paul envisioned for it.  The version that ended up on the White Album was done in 18 5 minute takes. Despite what many think, the last exclamation, was Ringo  After the last take, Ringo threw his sticks across the room and screamed, "I've Got Blisters On Me Fingers".....we can almost feel the pain as the song grinds to a satisfying halt...


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