Monday, August 8, 2011

Ace--How Long (1975)

     There are many one-hit wonders over the years, but not many of those have become classics of their era. Ace and "How Long" is one of those. The laid back, car radio-ready vibe still is as distinctive now as it was then. Paul Carrack had already given notice in the group, Warm Dust, that his talent stood out. When he formed Ace with his former band mate Tex Comer, the pub band sound was established early and the debut album, "Five A Side" reached the top 20 albums, with the Carrack penned, "How Long" reaching #3.

      The group recorded two more albums, and several singles, with none of them even coming close to the previous success. The band broke up and Carrack in particular has done well serving as a gypsy in a way, traveling from one band to another. Roxy Music, Squeeze, and Mike & the Mechanics have all benefited from his lead vocals. Lately he has been touring solo...



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