Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morris Albert--Feelings (1975)

     Those born after 1980 never noticed it much as popular music has become more fragmented, but there was a time that the top 40 was a true hodgepodge of music. Rock, pop, country, jazz, easy listening, and others that defy description found it's way to the Billboard charts. There are probably a myriad of reasons why this is, but unfortunately there isn't near the diversity on radio there used to be.

      For better or worse, songs like this one will never be heard again on top 40 radio. For one thing, those who sing in a style like this, can find their own fans and success on their own terms due to the internet and radio stations that cater to this specific type of music. Between the mid-70's and late-90's you never heard much from this musical faction, until a generation had passed and many of those stars from the 50's became "hip" again Many "easy listening" stars have come to the fore in the last 10 years without a song ever being near the top 40. Which brings us (finally) to "Feelings".

     Morris Albert was born in Brazil and had played guitar and sang in several bands up to his writing and recording of his biggest hit. It wasn't only here either, as his success became worldwide. Why? I don't have a full explanation for why it hit big here, except that radio listeners out there like a nice sappy ballad every so often. (Julio Iglesias made a career of it in the 80's).  The follow up here in the states made the top 100, but after that faded from view. He still continues to tour and lives in Italy having become a world musical celebrity. 



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