Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: George Baker Selection--Paloma Blanca

     Holland born George Baker (actual Name: Johannes Bouwens) who was lead singer of the George Baker Selection saw first chart action in 1970 with, "Little Green Bag" which reached #21 on the charts. Those who don't remember when it came out, might remember the song from the movie, "Reservoir Dogs" in 1992.

     They had a minor hit later that year then fell silent (at least in the US), until 1975 when this little tidbit was released. Paloma Blanca is translated "White Dove". (it does not however explain why he was singing to it in the video...or maybe he feared bird retribution for the song)  It was a huge hit in all of Europe, was #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts in the US along with #26 on the top 100 and #33 on the country charts. They never had another US hit, Baker continuing to perform as a solo artist.


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