Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rick Springfield--Speak to the Sky (1973)

     Many only know him as an actor from the late 70's soap opera General Hospital, others as a successful singer in the early/mid 80's. Springfield's first hit however was in the early 70's....

      He was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe in a western suburb of Sydney, Australia in 1949. From the age of 13 he was playing in bands and his addition to the group Rockhouse prompted the name change to Springfield. For the three years between 69 and 71, Rick was with the group Zoot which not only gave him recognition throughout his homeland, but allow him to begin to spread his wings as a songwriter as well.

     He went solo in 72, writing and releasing, "Speak to the Sky" which went to #4 in Australia and prompted a flight to London to record his first solo album, which he plays guitar, keyboards, and banjo in addition to writing all of the songs. Later that year he moved to US to correspond to the release of "Speak to the Sky" in the US. It did great for a debut as it reached #14. However, a combination of being lumped in other established teen idol, a break from management as he wanted to do more adult themed music kept him out of the spotlight. Finally in 1978 he started doing some acting which led him the next year to the role that made him a star, and gave him a second chance to make it in the music business.



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