Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: Barbara Acklin--Just Ain't No Love (1969)

      Barbara Acklin was like many in the 60's who tried to make it in the music business, she got a job with a record company. In this case it was Brunswick, where she was a receptionist for producer Carl Davis. She kept asking him for a chance to record something, and his response was to just keep writing. Well, she did that and one day she cornered Wilson Pickett and convinced him to a song she had co-written called, Whispers (Gettin Louder). Pickett liked enough to pass it on to Davis as a song to record. It was and it re-ignited his career. They in turn gave Barbara a chance to record.

      She began with a duet with Gene Chandler and her recording career was off and running. Her greatest chart success on the pop charts was "Love Makes a Woman" in 1968 which reached #15. She had a few more on the top 100, and her songs could be found on the R&B charts up to 1975. She also wrote for others, especially The Chi-Lites who recorded her songs, "Have You Seen Her", and "Oh, Girl".....She died in 1998 of pneumonia in Nebraska

     The song highlighted here was from 1969. It reached #67 on the pop charts and #23 on the R&B. It might not be her best song, but the organ hook at the beginning just doesn't let go.....


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