Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: The Adant Garde--Naturally Stoned (1968)

     One of the things that I get a kick out of is to be able to introduce you to music that was done by people you know from other areas of pop culture. 

     Chuck Woolery is a long time game show host who’s career has now spanned a couple of generations. He was the original host of the Wheel of Fortune from 1975-81, the original Love Connection from 1983-94, Scrabble from 84-90, and for almost the last ten years hosted shows on the Game Show Network. What many don’t know is that he began his entertainment career as a singer from the late 60s to 1980 which overlapped his career as a game show host.

     The Avant Garde was a duo consisting of Woolery  and Elkin Fowler. They released a series of three single on Columbia records, which, “Naturally Stoned” in the summer of 1968 reached number 40 on the charts. The duo went their separate ways later in the year with Fowler playing folk music and Woolery making country music. He had a couple of songs scrape the bottom of the country charts in the late 70’s but never released another album. This song sounds to me like they were patterning themselves after The Association, without the material. 


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