Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Burton Cummings--Stand Tall (1976)

     Burton Cummings was the lead singer of The Guess Who through most of their existence. He first joined the band in 1965 as a keyboardist, but took over singing duties when Chad Allen left the band.
The Guess Who had a long stretch mainly as a single band for ten years, but in 1975, Cummings chose to head for a solo career.
     His first album reached the top 40 on the strength of, "Stand Tall". The ballad was a bit of a different sound for Cummings, and it went to number 10 on the pop charts in late 1976. His career stalled in the states not too long afterwards, but still had songs on the charts up to 1981 here in the states, and 1990 in his native Canada.
     Over the last ten years, he had reunited with his The Guess Who, formed a band with bandmate Randy Bachman for a couple of years, done some solo work, and has written a book of poetry. You can keep up with Cummings here:


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