Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Morning Vault: Marshall Crenshaw--Someday, Someway (1982)

    Over the years of studying popular music, one comes to the conclusion that most of the hits over the years were that way because they ARE good. However, to just dismiss all other songs as unworthy is musically throwing the baby out with bath water. Anyone who has spent time attempting a career in this business can tell you that many variables come into play for a song to even get a record deal, much less making a hit out of it. Some will play for awhile, and decide to quit music after awhile to pursue more lucrative interests.  Others seems to be happy doing what they are passionate about despite popular sentiment, they make enough money to make a secure living (sometimes not), and in the case of artists like Marshall Crenshaw, have a solid cult following.
      Marshall would be considered an artistic renaissance man. His Beatles roots were deep early as his first group was called, "Astigafa" which is an acronym for "a splendid time is guaranteed for all" from 1968 to 1973. His first break came playing John Lennon in the off-Broadway version of "Beatlemania". He has penned songs for movies, written books, and played Buddy Holly in the 1987 movie, "La Bamba".
      It's interesting that he played Holly, because with his debut release in 1982, he seemed nothing less than a second coming of the fallen star. Just a look at the cover of that album showed an uncanny resemblance with the glasses and his angular frame. More importantly, the music had a clean, fresh production and an enthusiasm that almost glistened off of the disc. It sounded so new at the time, but for those who knew better, it's roots were the short, to the point songs about love in it's various forms that Holly wrote and sang, and filtered through the early Beatles.
     "Someday, Someway" barely made the top 40 in the summer of 1982, but none of it's follow-up's ever made the charts. The single and the album that is came off of however, was not ignored as a very strong cult following has developed over the past 30 years who consider him (as I do), the most underrated artist of the last three decades. His second album, "Field Day" is actually my favorite, and the single off of it, "Whenever Your On My Mind" is one of the finest pop singles ever. His latest release, "Jaggedland" was released in 2009. You can see what he's up too at:
     Not only are we playing, "Someday, Someway", but as a putting up "Whenever Your On My Mind" as well. Happy Sunday!!


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