Friday, May 11, 2012

Crowded House--Don't Dream It's Over (1987)

     Am not totally sure why, but with all of the music that was so wedded to the 80's, whenever "Don't Dream It's Over", comes on the radio, I instantly return to that decade. It's a timeless tune which launched Neil Finn and his group Crowded House onto the charts for the first time in the US. Neil and his brother Tim fronted the group Split Enz in the 70's and early 80's. After splitting up the band in 1984, Neil and drummer Paul Hester formed Crowded House.
     With success in their native Australia, Crowded House started off well, and with the release of "Don't Dream It's Over" became international stars. With the follow up, "Something So Strong", 1987 became a banner year for them in their homeland, and in the states.
      Interestingly enough, as popularity began to wane here, they became superstars in Europe. The guys saw some minor chart action again several times, but never again would have the clout on the chart that was seen in that big year. The quality of the music however arguably better as time went on. If you like what you hear, it would serve you well to pick up any of their albums as they maintained a solid consistency through the years.


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